Advantages Of Full Ceramic Dental Crowns

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Full ceramic crowns, also known as porcelain crowns, cover broken teeth for protection from decay. There are various dental crowns, including metal and stainless steel, and they all serve the same purpose. However, the full ceramic crowns are more advantageous for various reasons. When you decide to fix a broken tooth using dental crowns, naturalness and neat alignment should be your top priority. Full ceramic crowns help restore your smile and make it as natural as possible. This owes to the nature of the material used in crafting them. Here are more advantages.

Natural look

Using full ceramic crowns will give you a natural oral restoration that matches the color of the surrounding teeth. This is achieved through dental veneering and cosmetic bonding procedures. Full ceramic dental caps have a translucent nature, making it easy to ensure no noticeable difference in your smile.


Like metal dental crowns, full ceramic crowns have a robust nature, making them long-lasting. The porcelain makes it hard for cracks or damage to develop. If you observe decent oral hygiene, these dental solutions can last up to fifteen years if professionally applied.

Tissue friendly 

Since the full ceramic crowns do not comprise any metallic material, they tend to be user-friendly. This is particularly beneficial if you have allergic reactions to metal. If you are prone to hypoallergic reactions, the crowns will be perfect for your gum tissues since porcelain rarely has health effects. 

Less Damage to Dental Structure

When getting dental crowns of any nature, your dental health expert has to use equipment to shed off some layers of the existing tooth that is receiving a crown. The shedding helps create a translucent appearance, enabling the rectified tooth and the rest of your dental formulae to match in color. Since full ceramic crowns already have a translucent nature, the dentist doesn't have to shed much of your tooth layers.   

Cosmetic Restoration

These dental solutions are often used to resolve dental problems like broken teeth. However, they also work for cosmetic purposes to ensure you have a perfect smile. Full ceramic dental caps are widely used for this cosmetic reason. They naturally align with teeth' color, making them appropriate for cosmetic dental restoration.

Full ceramic dental crowns are ideal for restoring your confidence when you smile. Their natural-looking nature is a top reason they are more preferred compared to other types of dental crowns. Like other dental crowns, they also serve the significant purpose of protecting teeth from decay. 

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