The Benefits Of Having Your Teeth Whitened By A Cosmetic Dentist

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With so many do-it-yourself teeth whitening products on the market today, many people find themselves wondering whether or not they really need to pay a visit to a cosmetic dentist in order to achieve a whiter smile. However, while there may be many do-it-yourself teeth whitening products to choose from, the fact is that these DIY products simply cannot provide the same benefits as a professional teeth whitening procedure. Continue reading to learn more about some of the benefits that you can expect to enjoy when having your teeth whitened by a cosmetic dentist

Benefit #1: More Drastic Results 

Do-it-yourself teeth whitening products are not available in the same strength as the products used by cosmetic dentists. Consequently, these products will be limited in the number of shades that can whiten your teeth. This can be a serious problem if you have significant staining or discoloration. Even after using these products for an extended period of time, you may find that you simply cannot achieve the level of whiteness that you desire. If you wish to have the whitest smile possible, the drastic results offered by professional teeth whitening services will be your best option. 

Benefit #2: Longer Lasting Results

When using at-home teeth whitening products, you will typically need to use these products on a continual basis in order to maintain your white smile. Not only can this result in a rather serious time commitment, but it could also leave you spending a small fortune on do-it-yourself products over the course of time.  While even professionally whitened teeth can develop new stains over the course of time. cosmetic dentistry services will provide you with the benefit of less maintenance. This is because the results produced by a professional teeth whitening procedure will last much longer than those produced by DIY products. 

Benefit #3: Faster Results

Most do-it-yourself teeth whitening products will require you to use them as directed for as long as several weeks before you even begin to see any results. This can be a big problem if you are trying to achieve a whiter smile for an upcoming event such as a wedding, class reunion, work event, or vacation. With professional teeth whitening services, you can get the whiter smile you want in as little as one visit. This means that you can leave your cosmetic dentist's office with a visibly whiter smile than you walked in with.