Your Guide Into Tooth Contouring

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Tooth contouring is a form of cosmetic dentistry that is also known as tooth reshaping or odontoplasty. Contouring aims to reshape teeth by removing minor amounts of tooth enamel to alter the tooth's appearance. When you have teeth that are overlapping or cracked, tooth contouring offers a fast, effective and non-invasive tooth reshaping procedure. What does dental contouring entail? Here is a detailed guide to dental contouring.

The Procedure 

Dental contouring is a procedure that seeks to alter the appearance of your tooth. Your dentist will use either a laser or a drill to remove a portion of your enamel carefully. Dental reshaping is limited by the unique structure of your tooth to prevent exposing your tooth to risk. So, before the procedure, your dentist will take dental x-rays to locate the pulp and determine its size.

The dentist will be careful to avoid being too invasive and exposing the vulnerable interior components of your teeth. The procedure is fast, painless, and doesn't need a recovery period. Contouring is a procedure done with absolutely no patient discomfort. Therefore, it can take only a single visit and doesn't need the dentist to administer a local anesthetic.

Are You a Good Candidate for the Procedure?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, you might be considering getting dental reshaping. But are you an ideal candidate? It is always wise to consult your dentist before getting cosmetic dentistry procedures. A professional can offer reliable advice based on your teeth, dental history, and health needs.

Since reshaping is considered a cosmetic procedure, it isn't a medical necessity. Therefore, the decision to seek this procedure is individual. You should consider your budget and desired appearance before deciding to get contouring.

Advantages of Dental Contouring

Tooth reshaping offers numerous benefits, with the major one being improved appearance. It will significantly help make your teeth appear better, improving your smile. Other benefits include it fixes crooked and improperly aligned teeth.

Cosmetic contouring also makes brushing between your teeth easier, preventing plaques and oral hygiene issues. It also improves bruxism (damage to teeth that occurs when they grind together). Dental contouring is a simple and fast procedure with no pain or discomfort. Additionally, you only need one appointment and will enjoy permanent results.

Find Out If You Are a Tooth-Contouring Candidate

To determine whether you can undergo dental contouring, schedule a consultation with a dentist. They will do routine exams to determine if you have healthy teeth and sufficient enamel to withstand the procedure.