Why Get Same-Day Crown Services When You Have a Damaged Tooth

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When you have a damaged tooth, there are several ways you can try to repair the damage. One of them is to get a dental crown. This can be a procedure that comes in more than one part, likely because the procedure itself can take a lot of time or can be stressful on the mouth if too much work is done at once.

Your dentist can repair a tooth or perform a root canal, which leaves parts of the tooth dentin and nerves exposed. This can cause pain and further damage to the tooth, which is why crown dental services are done.

If you have an upcoming dental appointment to have crown restoration done or if you have a root canal or dental implant procedure planned, ask about getting a same-day crown. Provided you have a healthy smile otherwise and don't need a lot of other dental work done, your dentist may be likely to agree to this. Here are reasons why you don't want to space out your crown restoration services or get crowns on existing dental work, and why a same-day crown can be your best bet.

You save time on recovery

You're already in the dentist's chair when you have your root canal or dental implant put in, or when you have the dentist ready to put a temporary crown on your tooth, so it's wise to have a same-day crown put in place so you can recover from your procedure all at once. Provided you don't have a mouth infection, major tooth sensitivity, or swelling in your mouth, your dentist can make a same-day crown work for your smile.

You save money on your dental work

If you're on a budget, spacing out your dentist appointments to do crown restoration or other dental work regarding crowns can add up in costs. The reason why is this: you take time off work and school, possibly hire a sitter, and pay for another dentist appointment when you space them out. The time and money spent on multiple appointments can be saved by lumping your dental work into one longer appointment. Ask your dentist if you can reschedule for a same-day crown so you can save money and enjoy your new smile sooner.

There may be an underlying reason why your dentist has not discussed a same-day crown with you, but in many cases, having a crown put on the same day can benefit you well. Speak with your dentist to learn more.