Dental Implants: 5 Compelling Reasons To Choose Implants

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Over the years, many improvements in the dental health industry have taken place, leading to significant advancements in tooth replacement technologies. Of these, dental implants have proved and emerged popular in replacing a lost or damaged tooth. An implant's unique design includes a tooth-root system, offering increased versatility, durability, and comfort over traditional options like crowns and dentures. Here are compelling reasons why most people prefer implants after teeth loss.

1. Prevent Facial Distortion 

Implants serve as roots that are strongly anchored on the jawbone to keep it stimulated. Remember that the gap caused by a missing tooth can make the jawbone shrink, potentially interfering with your facial appearance. In addition, the fact that implants are attached to the jawbone means that you can chew and enjoy your favorite foods. The chewing further promotes jawbone stimulation, ensuring that facial distortion doesn't affect your self-esteem. 

2. Speech Support

The gap caused by a missing front tooth can cause a remarkable change in speech patterns, not to mention occasional stares by people, since teeth are crucial for sound and word articulation. An implant offers a focal point on which your tongue can develop and shape a distinct word syllable, helping prevent any embarrassing speech slurs. 

3. Increased Versatility

Despite the availability of other options such as bridges and dentures, implants seem to stand out. Generally, the other tooth replacement options are limited in terms of the number of teeth they can replace. However, your dentist can recommend the most suitable treatment, depending on the number of teeth you have lost. 

Implants offer versatility that's second to none. For example, a dental implant-crown combination will come in handy when you need a single tooth replacement. For several teeth, the implant can be fitted with a bridge. Overall, this flexibility ensures that you and your dentist can develop an ideal dental treatment.

4. Enhanced Comfort

Implants are designed to function like natural teeth, making them match the rest of your natural teeth. This helps boost self-confidence, giving you the freedom to enjoy a mouth-wide laugh without worrying about what people think about your dental formula. 

5. Convenience

Nobody likes a complicated oral hygiene regime. With implants, normal brushing and flossing are all it takes to maintain dental hygiene. This cannot be said of dentures that require specialized cleaning, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. 

As you can see, implants offer advantages that other options can't. From preventing facial distortion and enhancing speech capabilities, this is a convenient and versatile teeth replacement solution. So if you have a missing tooth, consider dental implants to enjoy these incredible benefits. To learn more, contact a clinic like Parkview Dental.