Teeth Whitening Pros And Cons

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed your teeth looking more yellow than usual? It may be time for some teeth whitening at your local dentist. Teeth play such an important role in every day life and taking care of them can help you feel better. Many people find that their overall self-confidence can be impacted heavily by how they feel about their smile. Here are some pros and cons to consider when looking into this type of dental treatment.


Stain removal: Have you ever noticed someone who never smiles with their teeth showing? This is often because they have a smile they are less than happy with. Yellow stains can be embarrassing and cause people to want to hide. Teeth whitening can help remove these surface stains that are caused by the foods we eat or the things we drink, like coffee or tea.

Quick results: The teeth whitening process isn't very time consuming. If you are going to your dentist for in-office treatment, you can often leave the chair with teeth several shades whiter than you started with. It usually only takes up to an hour or less of your time to get decent results.

Affordability: Many cosmetic beauty treatments can cost an arm or a leg, but teeth whitening can be very affordable. You will pay more for the in-office whitening, but there are lots of teeth whitening products you can use at home. It is wise to ask your dentist what they recommend so you don't damage your teeth. Some dentists will even run promotions in their office for free teeth whitening with the use of their other annual services or treatment.


Sensitivity: You may experience some sensitivity after having your teeth whitened because most products use hydrogen peroxide. Some individuals are more sensitive than others and will need to avoid hot and cold drinks until the pain subsides.

Watch out for new stains: After your teeth are whitened, there is a period of time that enamel of your teeth is susceptible to stains because of the changed texture of the tooth. This goes away after the first two days, but it is still something you have to be careful with.

Results not guaranteed: Teeth naturally come in several different shades. Some will respond better to whitening than others, so results won't be the same across the board. You may spend the money and find that you can't achieve the results you desire.

After weighing the pros and cons, consider how you might feel with teeth a few shades whiter. Call your dentist to find out what services they offer, so you can feel more confident about your smile.