What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do For You (Besides Restore Your Smile!)

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Cosmetic dentistry can include treatments like invisible braces, teeth whitening services, veneers, and dental implants. All of these things can correct imperfections in your smile and make your smile more perfect than it ever was before. However, you might be missing out on the other things that cosmetic dentistry can do for you, beyond correcting and restoring your smile. 

Increases Your Confidence

People who smile more tend to be more confident. They are not trying to hide their teeth or what they perceive to be an unattractive feature about themselves. They do not feel as though someone is staring at them all the time, nor do they feel like they have to cover their mouths when they eat or talk. When you are not self-conscious about your teeth, you feel more confident about a lot of other things. 

Voice Your Opinions and Ideas More

Since you are not hiding your teeth, you may be willing to talk more, voice your opinions more, and share more of your ideas with co-workers or board room members. Being able to talk freely and allow your intelligence to show shows employers that you have more to offer, so they might be more likely to consider your requests for a promotion when the opportunity arises. Because they are not thinking on any subconscious level about your snaggle-tooth or the coffee-stained teeth that you no longer have, they will be able to focus on your skills and abilities. 

Others Do Not Have Preconceived Notions about You

First impressions are lasting impressions, even when those impressions might be very wrong. For example, if you have yellowed teeth, people might assume that you are a smoker who does not care about your appearance or your health. They may not even realize that they are entertaining these notions on a subconscious level!

The truth is, teeth yellow with age, they yellow when you drink a lot of coffee, they yellow when you do not brush as often as you should, and they yellow with certain medications. It is not just cigarettes that cause this problem, but it makes a huge impact on how others see you and think of you. Going through cosmetic dentistry changes your image, and it changes how others see and perceive you. It is not every day that you can go through a major change in appearance and change the opinions and impressions of others by making that change. Cosmetic dentistry does that for you.