Learn Why Each Tooth Is Important And How Problems Can Be Fixed

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Some people chip, break, or lose one of the teeth in the back of their mouth and it somehow doesn't seem as important than if it had been one of their front teeth. They figure, as long as no one can see it when they smile, then they're all good.  However, each tooth in your mouth is there for a specific reason and has a specific job to do. You can learn the purposes each type of tooth in your mouth has, so you can see why it's equally important for you to have any of them repaired or replaced.

What your incisors do

You have eight teeth in the front of your mouth; four on the top and four on the bottom. These teeth are the ones in the very front of your mouth. The incisors are important tom a cosmetic standpoint, because missing one or having one broken will be extremely obvious. However, they are also very important because they are the teeth you initially bite into your food with. Aside from helping you eat and look good they are also important for proper pronunciation of most letter sounds.

What your canines do

Canine teeth are appropriately named, since they are the teeth that most resemble the prominent fangs of a canine. These teeth are the sharpest teeth you have in your mouth and they are the ones you will use to tear into food that's a bit harder to bite off, such as steaks. Like the incisors, these teeth are also fully visible when you talk and smile, but they don't affect your speech if you have one missing or broken, in most cases.

What your premolars do

Your premolars are your teeth right in back of your canine teeth. The premolars have a higher outside that is a bit pointed and a flat surface in back of the pointed part. You will have 8 of this type of teeth. They are used for chewing food and the pointed fronts serve as more help when biting tough food and to help keep the food in place. Your premolars don't help with the pronunciation of sounds, so missing one of them won't affect your speech. They are however usually visible when you are smiling.

What your molars do

Your molars consist of all of your teeth from the premolars back. They are larger in size and are used to do the majority of the chewing once you get food in your mouth. You will normally have three on each side on both sides of the top and bottom jaws. This means you will have a dozen of them. They can't be seen unless you have your mouth side open and they also don't affect your speech.

Why any damaged or missing teeth should be tended to

Losing any tooth and not replacing it will lead to issues. The integrity of your bone can be weakened, your teeth can shift, and you can end up hurting your gum where there used to be a tooth when you are chewing hard things like tortilla chips. Damaged teeth can damage more and easier, they can also cause other problems like cutting the inside of your mouth and by causing you tooth pain.  

How teeth can be fixed or replaced

There are so many options the dentist has at their disposal to help you. Missing teeth can be replaced with bridges, partial dentures, implants, etc. Damaged teeth can be fixed with material molded on to them or with crowns or caps. Dental crowns are usually the chosen option for cracks and breaks because a crown will fully protect the integrity of the tooth permanently. Contact a company like Demianko Dental Care for an appointment