Foods And Drinks To Consume After Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental implant recovery can take some time, and you will feel the most discomfort for the first week after your operation. And, you may be tempted to cut back on the amount of food and beverages you consume. However, this is not something you should do. You will need to choose your diet carefully, so keep reading to learn about the types of foods and beverages you should be consuming.


It is wise to eat soft foods for a few days, and you want to eat foods that are as nutrient dense as you can handle. Mashed potatoes are a good option as they provide you with vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, iron, and fiber. The body does need vitamin C and iron for tissue repair and the B vitamins can help to provide your body with the energy it needs. The potassium helps with heart health and keeping your blood pressure maintained at a good level, and the fiber allows you to retain your gastrointestinal health as you heal.

Eggs are another good choice when it comes to soft foods since they provide a good deal of protein and protein is one of the most important nutrients when it comes to rebuilding tissues. 

Fruit smoothies are a great option as well. Just make sure that you are blending the fruit well and try to avoid the use of berries with seeds. Seeds can easily get stuck in the surgical implant area, which can lead to an infection. Also, avoid using nuts, but think about adding a bit of creamy peanut butter or some peanut butter powder to the drink for added protein. Creamy tofu is a great additive too and so is yogurt for the additional calcium. Calcium helps with the rebuilding of the jawbone and the osseointegration of the implant root.


On the day of your surgery, your oral professional may ask you to stick with clear liquids. This is important to ensure that you do not have any gastrointestinal upset after the operation. Otherwise, you may experience some nausea and vomiting. Water is the best fluid, and you should sip on the water throughout the day. You can also drink some clear sodas if you like. 

Water should be consumed throughout the healing period, and you should stick to the regular consumption of about two to three liters a day. You can slowly start to incorporate other liquids into your diet as you start to heal. Warm beverages like non-caffeinated tea are ideal. Just keep in mind that you should be staying away from alcoholic beverages. 

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