Common Mistakes Made When Whitening Your Teeth

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Are you looking to make your smile radiant and brighter? If so, you may want to try the various teeth whitening solutions out there for noticeable results. However, be aware that you can make mistakes when whitening your teeth. Here is how you can avoid four of those common mistakes.

Not Going To A Dentist

While there have been advancements in the whitening kits that you can buy at the store, it will always be best to use a professional whitening solution if you are looking for results that are noticeable. Your dentist will be able to use whitening agents that are much stronger than any kit from a store and will provide results that last a long time. Always consult with a dentist before you use a DIY approach, since you may be surprised at how affordable and easy a professional whitening treatment can be.

Overusing The Whitening Solution

When using any kit at home, you'll want to follow all directions that have been provided for best results. One step that many people ignore is how long to leave a whitening strip on your teeth. You may assume that leaving a strip on longer will cause your teeth to be whiter, but that isn't necessarily true. If the teeth are exposed to the whitening strip for longer than what is recommended, it can cause your enamel to become permanently damaged. You'll end up with teeth that are sensitive and more prone to decay.

Irritating The Gums

Another problem with home whitening kits is that people are not careful with how they use them. Many kits caution you to avoid having any of the whitening solution touch your gums. If this happens, it can lead to a chemical burn or another uncomfortable side effect, like soreness or increased sensitivity.

If you had whitening performed by your dentist, they will take extra care to ensure that the gums are not exposed to any whitening agent that they use.

Ignoring Maintenance

Teeth whitening is not something that you do once and then are set for life. Teeth can easily be discolored if you go back to your old habits. It's important to understand how your teeth become discolored and to change your behaviors to prevent discoloration from happening again. For instance, you may want to stop smoking, stop drinking coffee and soda, or stay away from berries that are known to discolor teeth. If not, your teeth will just become discolored again over time.

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