Root Canal Therapy Questions Answered

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Root canals are an important type of procedure that can provide you with the best option for restoring a tooth that has suffered major damage. However, a thorough working understanding about this type of major dental procedure is something that many patients do not possess.

How Will You Know Whether Root Canal Therapy Is Needed?

It can be easy for individuals to assume that they will always be acutely aware of when they require a root canal. While it is true that patients will often experience intense discomfort and pain, there can be situations where a patient will be unaware of the severity of this issue until it has become very advanced. Often, this can occur when an infection or other problem kills or damages the nerves around the tooth. In the absence of pain, you may find that intense swelling can also be an indicator that a root canal is needed. Only your dentist will have the training and equipment needed to evaluate your mouth to determine whether this treatment will be something that can correct your tooth problem.

What Is The Recovery From Root Canal Therapy Like?

When a person is needing a root canal, they may be worried about the recovery that is needed to fully heal from this treatment. While it is true that a root canal is a major treatment to go through, patients can recover from it fairly quickly as long as they follow their dentist after surgery care instructions, such as using special mouthwashes.

During a root canal, the interior tissue of a tooth will be removed and replaced with an inorganic filler. This will remove diseased tissue while also reinforcing the tooth. Not surprisingly, patients will find that their teeth are very sensitive for several days after this treatment, but the worst of the discomfort should pass within a day or two.

Undergoing a root canal can be among the most intimidating dental treatments that a person can need. For many patients, a root canal is a procedure that they do not understand or have experience undergoing. Therefore, it is important to understand that only your dentist will be able to determine whether a root canal is likely to provide results for your condition as well as the fact that you should quickly recover from your root canal procedure. Without this information, you could neglect this procedure or be unprepared for ensuring your recovery is as quick as possible. Most dentists will be happy to walk you through the procedure beforehand as well.