Family Dental Questions New Parents May Have

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Having a child will require you learn a great deal about the various health needs that your child will need met. Unfortunately, dental health needs are a common topic for new parents to be ill-prepared to address. However, learning some additional information about pediatric dental care may allow you to be better informed about your child's needs.

How Can Well Owners Enjoy The Dental Benefits Of Having Fluoride In Their Water?

Supplemental fluoride is commonly added to civic water systems. This additive helps to protect teeth against decay by reinforcing the enamel, which can be particularly beneficial to children as they may not have developed effective dental care habits. Unfortunately, individuals that have well-water systems may not have sufficient amounts of fluoride in their water to protect their children's growing teeth. Sadly, there is not an effective way of adding fluoride to a residential well system, but your family may still be able to enjoy the protective benefits of fluoride. This is through taking fluoride supplements that can be provided by your dentist.

Should Your Child Wait Until Their Teeth Have Emerged To Visit A Dentist For The First Time?

New parents commonly assume that dental visits are only for addressing teeth. As a result, they may not take their child to the dentist until their first teeth have started to emerge. However, you will actually want to start taking your child to the dentist within their first year. A pediatric or family dentist will be able to examine your child's gums to make sure that they are developing normally. Additionally, they will make sure that gum disease is not developing, and if it is found, they can provide medication and treatment steps to help you combat this potentially serious dental problem.

What Should Be Done If Your Child Has Lost One Of Their Teeth?

Accidental injuries are an unavoidable part of growing up, and some of these injuries can result in one or more teeth being knocked loose or completely removed from the mouth. If this damage occurs to your child's baby teeth, you may be tempted to simply wait for the new tooth to emerge. However, when a tooth is prematurely knocked out of the mouth, it can be a while before the new tooth emerges. This can give the surrounding a teeth a chance to become misaligned. When a baby tooth is removed, you need to take your child to receive a dental spacer. This will preserve the gap between the teeth so that the space will be saved for the adult tooth. Sadly, if an adult tooth is knocked out, your child will likely need a bridge or dental implant to prevent cosmetic concerns and potentially serious dental complications.

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