3 Tips To Help Prepare A Child For Dental Sedation

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Having your child put under sedation for a dental procedure can be a very concerning time for a parent and a child. Many dentists opt to place children under sedation for a variety of reasons, from pulling teeth to extractions. If your child will be sedated at the dentist on his or her next visit, it is important to know what to expect so that you can fully prepare your child.

Let The Child Know What Is Going To Happen

Before a dental procedure under sedation, it is important that the child know what is going to happen if he or she is old enough to fully understand. There is no need to be exact with regard to the procedure, but you can explain that they will be given medicine that will help them sleep while the work is being done. Express that there is nothing to be afraid of while they are sleeping, as this is often a fear for some kids. This way, your child will not have an outburst once they get into the treatment room when the encounter an unfamiliar situation.

Make The Child Comfortable

You should do everything possible to make sure your child is comfortable on the day of the procedure. Play their favorite music on the way. Let them help plan a special meal once they can eat regularly again. Also, place them in comfortable clothing for the procedure. This not only help them be more relaxed, but it will also make it easier on the dentist and staff to place any special equipment needed during the sedation, such as heart monitors.

Keep Siblings At Home

When it is time for the procedure, make every effort to have someone else care for any of your other children. This will make it much easier for you to focus on the child going through the sedation. You will be able to better understand what the dentist is saying to you, and you will be able to concentrate and be able to ask any questions you have without the disturbance from your other children. This is also going to be a sensitive time for you as well, so having someone else care for your children will help put your mind at ease.

Once the procedure is over, carefully watch your child as you drive home. It is normal for them to be sleepy and somewhat dizzy for some time afterward. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, such as labored breathing or they remain sleeping for many hours, contact your pediatrician or dentist as soon as possible.

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