Invisalign Or Veneers? Which Is A Better Solution For Your Crooked Front Teeth?

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If your front teeth are a bit crooked, you have several options for dealing with the problem. You could have them straightened with an invisible aligner system like Invisalign, or you could mask the crookedness with veneers. Both options have pros and cons, which you should consider carefully as you make your decision.



Veneers are a rather immediate solution to your problems. Generally, your dentist will meet with you to prepare your teeth for the veneers and take measurements, and then just a few days later, you'll have the veneers applied. The process is rather painless, and although your teeth may be a bit sensitive to hot and cold after the procedure, this generally subsides quite quickly. Veneers can be made in any shape, size, or color, so if your teeth are also chipped or discolored, they offer the opportunity to fix all of these problems at once.


Once you get veneers, you have to keep them for life, since your dentist must shave a little of your tooth enamel off to apply the veneer. Also, there are a few limitations of living with veneers. You'll have to avoid very crunchy foods and using your teeth to open packages because you may chip your veneers by doing so. Also, if your front teeth are very crooked, your dentist may recommend against veneers, since they don't actually solve the problem – they're just thin sheets of porcelain or composite that cover up the problem.



Invisalign actually straightens your teeth, so it can correct functional issues with your bite – not just the way your smile looks. Once your teeth are straight, the process is over. Invisalign does not limit what you eat, since you take the aligners out to eat and brush your teeth. Many dentists are now offering Invisalign, and if your dentist determines that your crooked teeth are causing a bite issue, your insurance may pay for part or all of the cost. This is not true of veneers, which are seen as purely cosmetic.


Invisalign is not immediate; it will take several months to a year for your teeth to become straightened. If your teeth are also discolored or oddly shaped, you will need additional procedures to correct this. Also, while Invisalign is not particularly painful, it can cause some soreness. You will have to visit your dentist regularly for checkups when wearing Invisalign.

If you have crooked front teeth, don't just ignore the problem. Either Invisalign or veneers can help you get the smile you've always wanted. Your dentist can offer additional guidance as you choose the best cosmetic dentistry option for you.